If this visit to Found Baby's musings is your first, welcome! Found Baby writes about her everyday adventures, about how she feels, thinks, and the challenges she faces living in a world so obsessed with beauty and perfection. As she adjusts to life out of the ground, she can't help but recall bits and pieces of her life before she was buried, and those memories are heartbreaking. It might help if you start from her first post back in March 2010, and read backwards to learn the story about how she was found. If you are simply reading the current post, may her story of survival and hope touch at least one of you. She believes there are no coincidences, and you landing on her blog isn't one either.
Welcome, no masks needed...........Found Baby.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Found Baby is found!

For days I had felt the sharp prongs of a rusted, metal rake scratch repeatedly across my back. I felt footstep after footstep land across my head, reminding me with each blow just how deep my face was in the thatch layered dirt. I had been here so long, in this cold, dark place that I was hesitant to believe there was any hope of being found. When the sounds grew quiet and the coolness of the night lay against me like a wet blanket I knew. I knew I was still forgotten, still left to breathe this damp, rotted dirt. Flashes of laughter danced through my head, stinging me with painful memories of what life I used to live.You see, I was not supposed to end up here, like this. I was supposed to be loved, forever and always by my friends and family. I was not supposed to be forgotten.  

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Mojo Writin' said...

I know I'm going to cry. Connected instantly with Found Baby. Cannot believe how alive she is! Well I can actually, I'm a writer after all. Her voice was instantly in my head, clear as crystal. I'm claiming a little of Found Baby for myself, but I hope the rest of her goes worldwide with her story and her amazing personality, touching the lives of other 'Lost Babies' out there. Now going to grab some tissues and carry on reading!