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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Light of Day!

Have you ever noticed how beautiful the sound of birdsong is in the morning? Their music, their melodies that life is alive and beautiful are carried on the wind and I hear them. I hear them and know that life is beautiful. 

When I felt the tug on my arms, the gentle dig around each one, there was a feeling of exhilaration and trepidation that rushed through me, and I could feel my face blush. This tug was different, not of of the metal fingers I had felt the past few days, this tug had warmth in it, and I prayed this meant there was hope. My prayer was answered. 

The moment I was pulled from the confines of that prison I was blinded by a magnificent light dancing across my face. Chunks of dirt still covered most of me, but it didn't prevent the light from reaching the parts of me that had been in darkness for so many years. I didn't know who had rescued me, all I knew was this; after years and years of being in that damp, lifeless place, I was found! 

It took a few moments for me to adjust to the intensity of the colors around me. There were brilliant greens, in every shade, vibrant tangerine colors laced the lining of some of the trees, and blush pink was painted beautifully on the face smiling at me. I remember smiles like that. I remember seeing the twinkle in someone's eye, their excitement to see me, and the warmth of their skin around me. For  a moment I was pulled back into that place of desolation, because I also remember how I came to be here. But for now, the smile in front of me and the new found life I have been given are all that I need. Today I live again because I am FOUND!

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