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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Found Friends! Part 1

 It was a shock....to say the least. Arly came back from the place where she found me, and when she walked in the door I knew something was wrong. The look on her face was puzzling, and I wasn't sure if it was sadness, concern, or even heartbreak. That was until my eyes looked down at her hands, and I instantly knew what the look meant....she had found my friends, at least part of them.

Tears welled up in my eyes and for a minute I couldn't look at them. The last memory I had with my friends was one of darkness, being thrown in that suffocating duffle bag, and hearing the cries of Baby B. Ecky kept repeating, "Gotta get rid of the last bit of evidence", over and over. Those were the last words the three of us heard before we were separated.

Seeing them made the memories of that horrid day flash back and I began to shake. I wasn't ready to remember, not now, not for a million years, so I turned my attention to Baby B and prayed that she didn't suffer. Her head wasn't attached and her little body was covered in the same dirt I was. She used to have such beautiful skin, all soft and pink, and the blondest movie star hair I ever set my eyes on. Now, she had just a spit of it left, and there was no blonde, just dirt. I can only imagine that she cried her tears dry, because that was what she was good at, crying when something was wrong or in trouble. Baby B cried a lot as I recall, especially around Angel Face.

Arly picked me up and gave me a hug, because I guess she understood how difficult it must have been for me to see them. I asked her how she found them, and she said that Found Friend, that's what she calls her, had stuck her foot up out of the ground like she was waving at her. A tiny smile crossed my lips because I knew Baby B loved attention, and it seemed now, she had all she could get. Hours seemed to go by as I watched Arly gently clean her hair, her skin, and although her face and arms seemed to be scorched, I could see the face of my friend coming back to me. 

I honestly didn't expect Baby B to survive, but after Arly was finished piecing her back together, she looked up at me with her rusted eyes and I knew she remembered me. Words are something I think she can hear, but she is so damaged, on the inside and out, that she wont speak or cry. She just looks, holds up that finger of hers like she used to when she just had to get the last word in, and smiles. Amazing, I think, that after all she has been through, she still smiles.

Later that evening Baby B and I sat in silence looking out the window with rays of sunshine across us instead of dirt. It was a strange moment for the two of us.  I wasn't sure what memories she had, but I knew that for this one moment, we were safe. I also knew that she would have a hard time adjusting to her new "look" like I had, and secretly, I was grateful my friends face wasn't blue like mine. When I knew Baby B was going to be alright, my attention turned to Ecky, and that was more than I could bare in one day. 

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