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Thursday, March 25, 2010

See No Evil

As soon as my eye caught a glimpse of the figure looking at me, looking at me with those white eyes, I just had to go touch it. The whiteness seemed odd to me because it didn't look like an ordinary eye, but just the same, it was beautiful. When I looked at my face in the mirror I noticed that my eyes had changed, they were no longer the golden brown that I was used to seeing, they were black, and I hated them.

I can still see out of my eyes, still use them to function, still discern between colors and light, but they aren't 'pretty' anymore, not pretty like they used to be. My Angel Face used to talk about my eyes all the time, because when she saw them, they made her smile. I miss that smile and her ocean blue eyes, so gentle and sweet, oh how I miss them.

The eyes that I saw now, on this cold, shiny what I think to be a statue thing, made me wonder why they are simply white. Placed on the glass shelf just next to him lay a card with the words "See No Evil" written like it's his name or maybe a description of what he's supposed to do, and I find that a little weird. It's weird to me because he is looking around at the most beautiful place, and where would evil be here I think to myself. As I start to look around him, I see other eyes, staring coldly, with strange expressions coming from them and I wondered if this artist had a thing for eyes.

The words "See No Evil" danced around in my head for a while and for the life of me I didn't want to go there, go where I knew they would take me. I simply wanted to stay mesmerized with all this beautiful art around me and not think about seeing no evil, for I had seen enough evil to last a hundred lifetimes. But then, after those words flew from my head to my heart, I realized the purpose of those white eyes. They were opaque, he could see nothing, and for one small second I understood why my eyes were painted black. For one small second I remembered what I had seen when my eyes were beautiful, and I prayed for blindness.

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Mojo Writin' said...

I'll hold your hand, Baby. I know what it's like to face the darkness, to wish I could 'see no evil', but console yourself with the thought that the colours will be brighter, forever, when t he darkness has been faced down.