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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Coming Out Of Hiding!

How do I look? I mean, how do I look all dolled up with clothes on? A lot has happened since the other day when Baby B and I got made fun of through the fence. I knew Arly had been getting ready for a wedding and part of me got a little excited about it at first. I had fretted over what I would wear, because no proper lady goes to a wedding in her underwear, so Arly made this dress for me. When I put it on, I was still really upset about being called a creep face. Getting past that was simply going to take some time, so I tried my best to show some excitement about this dress and going to a wedding. The excitement didn't last long.

Arly's family began arriving in droves and I lost count past 15 of them. Even though I was dressed for the occasion, I wasn't too thrilled about meeting new folks, especially so many of them at one time. I sucked it up though, put my best face forward, and greeted a few of them with my tiny, polite smile. At first, I think they were fascinated by me, or by my looks, because that's all they seemed to talk about. I quickly realized that who I was as a person would not be the topic of conversation, so I kept to myself for the most part. I didn't like big crowds, never did, and sure didn't see any reason to change my attitude now. After a while, when the attention was directed at the bride, I tip-toed back to my room, and felt great comfort just being with Baby B.

Because of all the wedding commotion Arly didn't have a lot of time to spend with me and I was cool with that. I was actually supposed to go to the wedding with her, but after the awkward morning in the yard, and the even more awkward time spent meeting and being oogled over by new folks, I decided I would skip this one. Taking that dress off didn't hurt my feelings one bit either. I think Arly tried her best, but that thing itched like ants on a trashcan, and I just realized my underwear would have to do for now.

There was one point, the day of the wedding when the one toilet in the house broke three hours before the event started, and I really thought Arly was going to lose her mind. Baby B and I just sat back and watched the chaos continue, and for several days we were OK with just being alone and laughing at the human folk. At night, when everyone was asleep, I would sneak out of my room and turn the spooky lights on. They were spooky because they glowed green and purple and I often thought if aliens were real, they would see the lights, almost like beacons, and come visit me. Then again, most folks would think I was one brick short of a full load for thinking that, so I really just liked the way they hid the color of my skin. They almost made me want to live in the shadows forever.

After a few days of hiding out, Arly came hunting me and Baby B. As much as I enjoyed having the house to myself, playing in the dark, and not having to see people, especially when Baby B was asleep, I realized I had missed Arly. She picked us both up and gave me that look, the one I dreaded most of the time....field trip! Before we left though I did one important thing, I wrote down the name of someone I needed to find, who held the key to finding The Ten Man, and left it secretly in her purse. Hopefully, if the wind was blowing my way, luck might be in the air. On the other hand, I just might get as lucky as the chance of catching an alien peeking through my black light. One way or the other, I would find her.

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