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Monday, April 26, 2010

Superman Has Nothing On Me Today!

No blah, no ick, no wanting to bury my head back in the dirt today. On this day, I feel like nothing could get me down, not my blueberry face, my balding head, my cut off fingers, nothing, nada, zip! Not even being called a creep face. On this day I found out Arly has been looking for E.B.Chinaberry, Ecky is coming home from the doll hospital, and I have been invited to my very own art show. Days like this make life worth living. So, chase those mullygrubbies away folks and do the happy dance with me. (I can't really bend my legs so I need you to humor me on this one!) 

On a separate note, Arly told me she has to go the hospital in the morning to have some surgery. I asked her if she was scared, and she promised me she wasn't, but I am not too sure. Just between you and me, I am gonna hide out in her bag and go with her just in case she needs me to hold her hand. Since I don't really have too many fingers, she can hold my arm that is. Lord have mercy, I forget sometimes I am missing parts of myself. 

Think I just might go put some Peter, Paul, and Mary on vinyl to play in the front room and groove with Baby B for a while. Today, dirt is for worms and life is good!

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Zemphira ~ Scatter Art. said...

I like your doll post.
I think I have a friend for her...

Mojo Writin' said...

I love that your first thought was to go with Arly, to support her, Baby. Think that shows what a loving heart you have.

TheDollCollector Doll said...

She is vintage doll from 1967. She needs some cleaning and new hair. Hope she get well. :)

Ardith Goodwin said...

Thanks so much Doll Collector!