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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To Be As Lovely As A Spring Flower

For the past 48 hours I have watched Arly run around here and there like new puppy chasing a wind up toy. The phrases "I hope it doesn't rain" and "You can't wear brown shoes with a black suit," have been repeated more times than I can count so Baby B and I have kinda been doing our own thing, which has been really nice considering how difficult last week was. As the household seemed to be preparing for a big day, which I kinda think is a wedding, I turned my attention to the great outdoors, and of course, Baby B followed right along.

Mobile is beautiful in the spring with the azaleas right on the verge of being in full bloom. Arly's yard is chock full of them, in various shades of pinks and white, lined up in the front yard like a welcoming committee for the new season. It had been such a long time since I had seen the natural beauty of flowers, the kind that comes from seeing them bloom on the tree or bush, rather than in a vase. Angel Face used to pick them out of her yard and bring her momma little bouquets, which I always thought was as pretty as she was. Her momma would get her sparkly, glass vase out and place those flowers in it like they were shipped in from France or something and she would always stick one behind my ear and tell me I was gorgeous. Those were such great days.  

Baby B took a fancy to the flowers too, and we spent the longest time just smelling them and rubbing their soft petals on our cheeks hoping that even the smallest bit of color would rub off. Every now and then a bumble bee the size of my head would whiz by freaking me out, but it never seemed to be interested in giving us any more attention than that, which was a relief. Bees are not my thing, especially after I remembered what they could do to someone who was allergic. Baby B didn't seem to mind, and every now and then she would grin at me with her tiny, pink lips. Seeing her smile made me feel pretty good, like things were going to be all right after all. That was a much better feeling than that ick I had felt the past few days and the thought occurred to me that I almost wished we could stay surrounded by these flowers forever, so beautiful and calm.

The afternoon drifted into evening and as we headed inside, I grabbed a flower and tried to stick it ever so gently behind my ear just like Angel Face used to do. No matter how hard I tried it kept falling out, because I guess I was way too bald for it to stay put. Arly looked over and saw the look of frustration on my face and came to my rescue with a wee bit of glue. It was perfect and I knew if Angel Face could see me she would think so too. 

I felt pretty swell for the most part of the night. Ecky was still really on my mind because I knew she had been sent to the doll hospital to see if anything could be done to help her, and the waiting was driving me nuts. Beside that though, the realization that me and my friends were safe, and being taken care of again like we mattered, was more than enough for one day. And as the evening came to a close, I curled up with Baby B, read her the story of Winken, Blinken, and Nod, and watched her drift off to sleep. I would have quickly followed if not for one, tiny problem. A wedding was in my near future it seemed, and peaking under the covers all I could see were my undies, which I doubt would be appropriate for most folks. All I could think about now was what on earth would I wear? Gahhhhhhhhh! 

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