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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One Long, Hot Summer!

I used to lay in my bed at night and wonder what Arly was thinking. I wondered why she spent countless hours talking about how she found me, how tragic it was that I was found like.....well...you know, but that she quit using her typewriter thingy to share my story. My feelings were actually hurt a little and I didn't understand. 

Was it because she got tired of writing about an ugly doll?
Was it because she thought my story didn't matter any more? 
Was it because she didn't love me? 

All those thoughts, ideas, fears I say.....yes, fears, floated around in my head for the past few months and I didn't have the courage to be bold enough to ask her. As the days grew hotter, and the nights caused my hair to stick in clumps, all matted like because of this gosh awful Alabama humidity, I secretly wondered what had happened...until today that is. Today I got my answers, and if my cheeks could blush, I would be glowing a beautiful shade of amethyst, rather than my usual peacock blue. 

Arly has been writing a book.  Not just any book. Not just a simple story like Harold and the Purple Crayon. Not just a "sits on the shelf and gets dusty" book, but a book about ME! All this time, all this "what on earth was she thinking time", she was writing my story and now I feel all silly like. I really thought she didn't love me. For shame I say! Arly said it was no accident how I was found and this story was bigger than the both of us and needed to be told, but there were details about it she had to be careful with, for reasons she couldn't share with me. That made my heart skip I beat but I trust her....I trust her that she will learn the truth and share it. 

After looking into Arly's eyes...I mean really looking into them, I knew she had my heart so mine relaxed a bit and I felt known. This gave me a chance to come up for air and turn my attention to the coming days ahead and wanting to have my picture taken again. I kind of got spoiled being in front of the lens, and a small part of me kind of sighed because I missed having the looks of "pretty" even though I know I am pretty on the inside.

 At first, after I was found, I didn't want my picture taken because I was embarrassed about how I looked. But these days, I am embracing my 'inner beauty' and have high hopes to be a couture model. Arly had this magazine filled with dolls as pretty as petunias. Their faces where baby butt soft looking and their hair....well their hair is what dreams are made of. When Arly wasn't looking I crawled up onto that magazine with a mirror to get a look-see at what it would be like to have big hair. What do you think? Is it me? Gaaaahhhhhh! It's crazy looking isn't it? 

g hair to be loved. I've got that love couture market cornered these days, :) 

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Syd said...

Look lovely with hair! But always lovely no matter what :)

Renee Langley said...

Glad your still working on the book. I saw the magazine cover and thought "Found Baby" had made the big time. Well, at least she's made it back to the small screen

Mojo Writin' said...

You know, I prefer you without your hair, Baby. I've become used to seeing you, au naturelle, and can't actually think of you any other way. Would you wear a week, given the choice, I wonder?