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Friday, January 27, 2012

The Tears of Delphine

For the next three days I waited with baited breath. I waited for Arly to sit me down and tell me that she had all the answers, that she could tell me what had happened to my Angel Face. I paced, I fretted, I paced, but no answer came...and I got angry. I just couldn't understand why she wouldn't finally, after all these months, tell me what she had found out...and that she knew what had happened. 

As the warmth of the sun lit up my face through the window I laid in the bed a while and watched the shadow leaves dance across my fingers. It appeared to be a beautiful day, a bit chilly because I was bluer than blue this morning, but not cold enough for sky blue. Found Friend was still snoring and for the life of me I couldn't figure out how such  a loud sound could come from such a tiny nose. I thought about my anger for a while, how it seemed to seep through my pores and create a film around my spirit. I had to let it go, I had to trust that Arly would clue me in when it was time. So I did.

After a while I rolled out of bed and heard music playing in the kitchen. This meant Arly was in a spectacularly great mood and this got my juices flowing toward optimism. 

Sure enough, Arly was pouring coffee and I could tell she was smiling because the steam seamed to hit her face and smile too. This made me wonder what she was up to....and I knew it was something. When the usual good morning hugs were given, Arly whispered in my ear that she had a new friend she wanted me to meet, one that was coming to live with us for a while, and who needed some special friends. Wooohooo! I loved meeting new friends now, Arly knew this, but as soon as I got all excited the sense of dread hit me in the gut because  I was afraid she wouldn't like me. All the fears of being made fun of because of the way I looked flooded my eyes, but Arly just smiled. She promised me Delphine, that's the new girl's name, would love me. She would love me because Delphine was special too. 

There was something about her, she glowed pink and fresh, and not once did I notice her hair. Well, maybe once, but it was a millisecond compared to the fact that she reminded me of how we all were once pretty like her. Hesitantly, I said "Hi", and quiet tears started flowing from her face. I asked her why she was crying and she just hung her head. I had been here before, when I was first brought out of the ground, and I knew why her heart ached. And then, as quick as lightning, a hint of terror crossed my heart and was gone as soon as it came. I had hoped she didn't notice that my blue faded into ice blue or that the three hairs on the back of my neck were standing up. I knew this face...I knew it like I was breathing. 

All Arly would tell me was that Delphine was sick and the medicine she had to take every day made her hair fall out, and Delphine was embarrassed that she looked ugly and that people would make fun of her, so she was going to join our family for a while. 


At first, I didn't realize she never flinched when she saw me, that was a first, but as I began to talk with her, and share a little about my story, her tears turned to smiles and her eyes regained somewhat of a sparkle. For hours we spent talking, like best pals, I let go of the spit of fear I had felt before and tried to shake the feeling that I had seen her, had known her. 

 She told me all about having to stay in the hospital and being sick, and missing her friends. She shared how horrified she was to lose her hair, and I chuckled at her and shared my story of having roots grow out of mine. I told her all about My Angel Face and the struggle I have had living life without her. We would be soul sisters, I knew this, and I was grateful for Arly bringing her here, and I knew from the bottom of my heart that our connection was linked deeply in the past, we had walked this place together, and the fact that she was here was no coincidence. 

Later that day I pulled Arly aside and asked her why she was sick. Arly simply said she had a germ inside her body that made her that way and the doctors were working hard to help her. The medicine she takes to get well sometimes make one's hair fall out, which is one reason Delphine was so sad. I thought about this for a long time and it made me kinda sad, no, a lot sad too. I didn't really think Delphine needed to see any more sad faces for a while, so I made a promise to myself that I would bring her tears new smiles....through my blue face and hair with roots. And I would pray for her too. I was grateful for Delphine. 

I was grateful....and now I was also terrified. The minute she looked at me and winked through her beautiful transparent eyes I knew we were in danger. I knew our lives were fixing to head down a journey I once lived before, and nothing at all was as it seemed. 

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